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SPLnet Model 100 and Model 112 Feature-by-Feature Comparison Chart

To find out which SPLnet System is right for your application, review the comparison chart below.


Model 100

SPLnet Model 100

Model 112

SPLnet Model 112

PoE Powered


DC Powered (10-18 Volt DC)


Integrated LED Array


Programmable Contact Closure

A, C, and Z Weighting

1/1- and 1/3-Octave Analysis



Analog Audio Output

Extended Dynamic Range


10/100 Ethernet

Constant Current Microphone Input

SNMP Accessible/SNMP Traps

IEC 61672 SPL Meter Compliance

IEC 1260 Frequency Band Compliance

DIN 45657 Percentile Compliance

Temperature/Humidity Sensing Capable



Wind Speed/Wind Direction Capable


Wall-Mount Enclosure

Model 100 and Model 112 Comparison Chart in PDF Format

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