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About SPLnet™

SPLnet provides engineers with systems that monitor sound and noise to improve compliance and enhance individual's experience.

The Company

SPLnet is a product family of Studio Technologies, Inc. Since 1978, our mission is to design and develop sophisticated, highly usable products using advanced technology. Our products reflect 25 years of R&D experience with advanced technology used in specialized products and complex applications for telecommunications, professional audio, TV broadcasting, and sound reinforcement.

Our Product Design Philosophy

SPLnet products are designed for the way professionals work.

We Listen

By going out in the field and talking to the professionals who actually use the equipment, we gather extensive input and feedback. This is incorporated into all of our product development, which is why our customers say we "design for the way professionals work."

We've been building professional sound products for over 25 years. Our feature-rich, reliable equipment is used worldwide—by customers who depend on us for superb products that make their jobs easier.

We Incorporate Advanced Technology and Open Architecture

Our products employ an Open Architecture incorporating the latest IT networking, Digital Signal Processors with embedded software and application software, providing a platform for further application expansion. Our products do not use proprietary technology which limits solution design options.

We Make it Easy for Professionals to do their Jobs Better

Professionals deliver value by focusing their time and talents on their projects. If field personnel can't easily install a product, our design is not right. Our software makes it easy for sound and noise professionals to access the data they need for the job at hand.

We Support Our Customers

It's always nice to know that if you do have questions and need technical support, there's a knowledgeable person around to help you, in addition to web-based resources. So when you call us, you'll get exceptional, live customer service. Count on it.

We are Committed to International Standards

SPLnet products are independently tested by leading sound and noise measurement laboratories, validating that we meet our stated specifications.

We Assure Long-term Reliability

Each product has successfully passed an exhaustive quality-assurance process. We consider and plan for numerous possibilities to ensure long-term reliability. In fact, our in-house standards meet or exceed those of the industry keeping us on top of market changes.

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