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SPLnet Environmental System



To reduce noise levels and improve community living

To facilitate compliance with governmental noise ordinances



Construction sites, industrial, commercial, transportation, entertainment



Provide professionals with the real-time data needed to monitor, analyze, and manage noise levels

Provide proof of compliance with noise ordinances

Capture and store data for historical trend analysis

SPLnet Architecture

SPLnet Environmental Architecture


The SPLnet Environmental System provides professionals with the data needed for sound and noise level management. The SPLnet Architecture, which uses IT network and Internet technology, provides the flexibility to tailor the system to any environmental or community application.

SPLmonitoring units and outdoor microphones in weather-resistant enclosures may be placed anywhere to optimize noise capture

SPLmonitoring units continuously capture and analyze sound pressure levels and communicate with networked or remote computers

SPLcapture software graphically displays critical data on a real-time basis while storing data for analysis and reporting

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